Hey, I’m Michael Eckstein 👋

I’m an accountant, business advisor, and a mediocre runner. I help digital agencies, creatives, coaches, and consultants:

  • tackle tax compliance,
  • expand revenue,
  • increase profitability,
  • fix cash flow, and
  • create business strategy,

So, they can finally:

  • eat dinner with their family,
  • enjoy more date nights,
  • take more vacations,
  • pay down their debt, and
  • build their personal wealth.

And, this is my weekly newsletter (aka the best small business newsletter on the internet *):

Micro-articles about profitability, cash flow, strategy, and personal wealth (plus: an action item to improve your business), so you can take your business to the next level. 

(*according to my mom 😊 & my loyal readers)

What a fab newsletter (does my opinion mean more since I’m a marketer?)! THIS is how you capture an audience and provide meaningful value over and over again. If only they taught this stuff in school!


Connie Ngo, Growth Marketing Consultant

Excellent reads!!! I love the discounting the invoice article. So true.


Justin Hermann, President, smartIT

I love the little actionable items you put at the bottom, even if they don’t apply to me yet. I file them away in my brain.

Amberlee Peace, Owner, Pecan Grove Guidance

I always look forward to getting Mike’s newsletter. The topics covered are often relevant to my business. Reading his newsletter helps force me to evaluate how I can be more efficient, best ways to handle clients, and just generally run my office better.


Michael’s newsletter is informative and amusing! Not something I’d typically expect from an accountant but absolutely what I expect from him! I love how he takes complex financial concepts and puts them into language anyone can understand.


I would recommend newsletter to any small business owner wanting to improve their business.


Peter Alizio, CPA, Esq.,  Alizio Law

Thanks Michael Eckstein, EA ! And digging the newsletter. Great work


Adam K, The 1495 Group

Just so you know you have the BEST DAMN NEWSLETTER I have ever subscribed to.
Full of real usable information.
No sales pitch link in every other line. Amazing !!!


Bobby White

I think they are well written, have solid content (good value) and tend to have some humor in them. I say that because I’m a small business owner, and I’m in the email newsletter business.


David Fischer, Solutions for Growth LLC

I can personally recommend Michael Eckstein’s newsletter, there’s always an actionable nugget you can use.


Michael’s newsletter is clever, funny, and informative, delivering useful content in a way that sticks with you. I highly recommend it for individuals, business owners, and service professionals alike!


Insightful, entertaining and informative. Honestly an inspiration.


Austin B, Financial Advisor

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