Hey, I’m Michael Eckstein 👋

I’m an accountant, business advisor, and a mediocre runner. I help digital agencies, creatives, coaches, and consultants:

  • tackle tax compliance,
  • expand revenue,
  • increase profitability,
  • fix cash flow, and
  • create business strategy,

So, they can finally:

  • eat dinner with their family,
  • enjoy more date nights,
  • take more vacations,
  • pay down their debt, and
  • build their personal wealth.

And, this is my weekly newsletter (aka the best small business newsletter on the internet *):

Micro-articles about profitability, cash flow, strategy, and personal wealth (plus: an action item to improve your business), so you can take your business to the next level. 

(*according to my mom 😊 & my loyal readers)

Excellent reads!!! I love the discounting the invoice article. So true.


Justin Hermann, President, smartIT

I would recommend newsletter to any small business owner wanting to improve their business.


Peter Alizio, CPA, Esq.,  Alizio Law

Thanks Michael Eckstein, EA ! And digging the newsletter. Great work


Adam K, The 1495 Group

I think they are well written, have solid content (good value) and tend to have some humor in them. I say that because I’m a small business owner, and I’m in the email newsletter business.


David Fischer, Solutions for Growth LLC

I can personally recommend Michael Eckstein’s newsletter, there’s always an actionable nugget you can use.


Michael’s newsletter is clever, funny, and informative, delivering useful content in a way that sticks with you. I highly recommend it for individuals, business owners, and service professionals alike!


Not convinced? Read the archives: email archives

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