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Essays and Manifestos

Why I don’t call myself a CFO:  Chief Financial Officer is more than a fancy title. CFOs play a very particular and important role in large businesses. I can help your business, but I’m by no means a true CFO (and I’m not going to lie about it just so I can charge you more).

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End the P&L:  Profit & Loss reports are the small business report. But, maybe they shouldn’t be. Read the pros, cons, and learn the P&L tricks.

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What you need to know before opening an S-corp:  The internet loves touting S-corps as an one-size-fits-all tax savings. But, in reality, they’re very complicated and, in some situations, may end up costing you money. 

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Software, Tools, & Resources I recommend

Picking new software, tools, and resources for your business is difficult. There’s so many options. Here’s what I use, have looked at, and have switched away from.

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You need to do a pre-goal-setting assessment

There's all sorts of goal-setting frameworks and theories (eg SMART criteria, OKRs, BHAGs, OGSMs, etc)*. They're supposed to help get your rough goals & dreams out of your head, onto a piece of paper, and into a standardized structure that makes sense which can...

Business savings isn’t just for emergencies

Most small business owners don't have an extensive finance background before starting their businesses. You're good at a particular skill (eg, marketing, design, writing, coding, law, whatever), you saw an opportunity to open a business, and you went for it. This...

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