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Accelerate your success with advisory services.

Eckstein Advisory is an advisory-first, compliance-second accounting firm. My primary goal is to help you increase profit, fix cash flow, create business strategy, and build your personal wealth. Then, I’ll take care of your tax compliance to keep the IRS off your back.

(I only handle tax compliance for legacy and advisory clients.)


Michael is great. I just started going to him and he gets the job done, plain and simple. Doesn’t over-complicate things and makes sure his clients understand what is going. Great prices as well. I highly recommend him.



Advising & Accountability

Monthly meetings – 60min Zoom call to discuss your business and set monthly action items
Weekly accountability – 15min Zoom call to check in on your progress
Unlimited access – available by phone, email, and Slack

Tax Compliance

Tax returns – Business and personal
Annual tax planning
Reasonable compensation study – figure out how much to pay yourself (for S-corps)

Monthly Accounting

Capture every deduction – live Zoom Q&A call to discuss your business questions
Monthly financial reports – access to all previous Q&A calls and Slack community
Cloud software

Discovery Call

  • high-quality, actionable advice
  • weekly accountability to keep you on track
  • stress-free tax compliance
  • unlimited direct access

The Process

Step One: Initial call and goal setting

The first step is to deep dive into your business and set short-term (less than 3 months), year-long (12 months), and long-long-term (retirement) goals.

We’ll discuss your:

  • current revenue & profit
  • current financial processes
  • current cash flow
  • current progress towards goals
  • review application answers

And, you:

  • financial goals (how much you want to earn)
  • personal goals (what will make you feel accomplished)
  • business goals (how big you want to grow)
  • retirement goals (when and where you want to retire)

We’ll also:

  • exchange private contact info
  • set up Slack access
  • set a recurring monthly advising meetings
  • set a recurring weekly accountability call
  • agree on the first set of action items

Want to see what we’ll talk about? Here’s the agenda we’ll use for the meeting: MEETING AGENDA

Step Two: Monthly advising

I’m your advisor, mentor, and sounding board. When you become a client, you’ll never have to guess about your business or go through it alone again.

Every month, we’ll have a scheduled recurring meeting to discuss your business, finances, and goals. Tell me what you’ve been struggling with since we last spoke and I’ll give you highly, actionable advice. At the end of our call, we’ll agree on a new set of action items for you to complete by our next monthly call.

But, I’m always available to discuss your finance, strategy, and business questions.

If you have a quick question you can reach me by phone, email, and Slack. Shoot me your question and I’ll get back to you within a few hours. If you call, leave me a voicemail (I’m on the phone a lot).

If you’re very confused and need more help, you’ll have access to my private calendar (with greater availability) to schedule a meeting.

I’m here to help you with all your questions:

  • example
  • example
  • example


Michael is great. I just started going to him and he gets the job done, plain and simple. Doesn’t over-complicate things and makes sure his clients understand what is going. Great prices as well. I highly recommend him.


Step Three: Weekly accountability

 Any plan, process, or framework is only as good as your consistency. 



2. Ongoing accountability

Every week, we’ll jump on a 15 minute Zoom call to check on your progress with your action items and towards your goals.

Step Four: Monthly accounting (optional)

Your monthly accounting is your business’s personalized financial data. It’s crucial to running your business and making educated decisions.

Just like with ‘Step Three’ above, if someone else is handling your compliance or you’re happy with your bookkeeper, they can continue handling it and we’ll just focus on advisory work.


1. Outsource your monthly accounting to Eckstein Advisory

2. Outsource your monthly accounting to a reputable accounting firm

3. Do your own monthly accounting


Step Five: Annual tax compliance and planning (optional)

Let’s call it what it is, you’re probablyyy here because you need a new tax accountant and were tired of the same old, bare-minimum service you were getting. In that case, I’m more than happy to handle the IRS.

But, if you’re happy with your tax guy (or gal) and are just looking for a business advisor, then say no more, we’ll just focus on advisory work.

1. Spring tax filing

In the spring, we’ll get your annual business and personal tax returns filed. If you’re missing documents for either your business or personal tax returns, we’ll request a filing extension so you have plenty of time to collect your paperwork.

When your tax returns are finalized, signed, and filed, I’ll also calculate your quarterly tax estimates for the upcoming year.

2. Fall tax planning

In the fall, we’ll take a hard look at your numbers and estimated tax.

We’ll review your:

  • year-to-date profit
  • salary
  • retirement contributions
  • quarterly tax estimates

And, look for any ways to reduce your taxes.

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