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🚀 Strategic Accounting 🚀

aka – proactive advice to all your business strategy & financial questions

You’re overwhelmed. And, you need a fresh perspective because you’re stuck – you’re so far in your business that you can’t see the forest for the trees anymore.

You have the client work under control (that’s not the problem) but something about the business glue that holds it all together is escaping you. Everything you try doesn’t work. You’re just stuck spinning your wheels. You need the dots connected and you’ll be right back at it.

Consider me your personal dot connector. We’ll discuss your business, strategy, finances, and find the missing pieces that’ve been eluding you. And, I don’t mean that in a squishy business cheerleader-y way. But, in a digging thru financials, reviewing processes, and uncovering hidden issues kinda way.

One-off Call ($350)

  • Comprehensive pre-call survey – a 20 question survey for you to explain your business so we don’t waste time on your call
  • 60-minute call – 60min Zoom call to discuss your business, tackle your issues, and set actionable steps
  • Call recording – a cloud link to download your call’s recording to review at your convenience
  • Meeting notes – a copy of all the notes I took during our call and any action items I jotted down

Ongoing Monthly Consulting (starting at $1,000/m)

  • Bespoke engagements – as much or as little access and monthly meetings as you’d like
  • Weekly accountability – weekly 15min calls to keep you on track
  • Unlimited access – private Slack and Voxer access

All monthly packages start with an initial paid call. Price will be credited towards engagement.

Working with Michael has been amazing. Two parts Real Talk, one part Therapy, with just a drizzle of sass – exactly what I needed. Michael has brought so much clarity to my business planning, but most especially he’s helped me get out of my own way. I’ve avoided business coaching in the past because of vague promises and no clear deliverables. Michael is the exact opposite. You are getting exactly what you think: the Edna Mode of Business Consulting.




Michele Hironaka, Owner
Hiro Marketing

🏛️ Tax Compliance 🏛️

aka – reactive accounting to keep the IRS off your back

Let’s call it what it is – you don’t get your taxes done because you loveee it. You do it because the IRS told you to get your taxes done (or else).

And, you’re looking for a new accountant because your current accountant sucks. They never get back to you. They never answer your questions. And, they always make you feel like a dummy.

Well, congrats, you found me. I actually care about getting your taxes done accurately, deducting as much as legally possible, making sure you’re audit-proof, and explaining things along the way.

Compliance related things I do:

  • Personal Tax Returns (starting at $300)
  • Business Tax Returns (starting at $1,200)
  • Outsourced Accounting (starting at $350/m)
  • Tax Audit Assistance (starting at $350)
  • Payroll Setup (starting at $350)

Yeah, there’s no sales page, no fancy copy, no high-pressure tactics. I don’t have to convince you to do your taxes. The IRS already did that.

I originally booked a consultation with Michael because I had some tax specific questions in regards to how I should set up a new business entity for my husband’s company. What I came away with was SO much more than just a simple “you should do an LLC”. Michael offered valuable advice based on his experience but then also gave me some things to look for in regards to the local attorney that I’d be using to set everything up. A lot of times these kinds of conversations can feel overwhelming or stressful, and Michael offers such clear and actionable advice, wrapped in a fun and easy to chat with package, I wouldn’t trust anyone else as a business advisor going forward!




Ariel Lee

🤔 General FAQ 🤔

My business is a mess. Do I need to fix it and clean up some loose ends before hiring?

No! The entire point of Private Consulting & Tax Compliance is to fix your business, teach you all the aspects of your business that you’re expected to know but never taught, and make you a better entrepreneur. Bring that mess with you. Let’s fix it together.

* That said, while I don’t require you to hire me for outsourced accounting, your financial reports (including your Profit & Loss) are very important. We’ll be referencing them during Consulting and while preparing your tax return.

I’m in [specific industry]. Can you help me?

It depends. I specialize in small creative and professional service businesses and the majority of my business and tax knowledge is related to those industries. If you’re in another industry (like ecommerce, brick & mortar retail, construction, software, etc), I might be able to help, but may suggest you find someone that specializes in your industry.

What’s the criteria for working with you?

Culture fit – Let’s call it what it is, I’m not your average dry business consultant or a pat you on the back business coach. I curse (never at you tho), crack jokes, am very serious about business, and will give some harsh tough love from time to time.

Have to answer YES to these two questions:

  • Do you want to do better?
  • Are you willing to feel the discomfort of putting in more effort and trying new things that will feel weird and different and won’t work right away?

Doing it the right way – I don’t commit or help clients commit fraud. Full stop. 

Is this tax-deductible?

Of course 😉

What software and tools will we use?

Secure portal to transfer sensitive documents (including tax documents). Zoom for meetings. Xero & Hubdoc for accounting (when you’re outsourcing it to me). Gusto for payroll. Voxer for Consulting clients. And, email for all other communications.

Will this fix my business?

Not in and of itself, no. All the advice, accountability, and accounting in the world can’t replace hard work (or working capital). You need to implement it and make the necessary changes in your business. That said, I’ll try my hardest to set you up for success with high-quality, actionable advice. (I despise unactionable advice. That’s why my weekly emails include action items at the end.)

What’s the minimum commitment?

Monthly Private Consulting has a 3-month commitment.

Tax returns (both personal and business) are just that season’s tax return. 

Outsourced accounting is assumed to be a year, but that’s not legally binding (aka I won’t sue you, but I don’t casually want to do 2-month of your accounting).

Can I expect confidentiality?

Yes. I do not share my client names, client list, or any details regarding my clients with anyone. The only way someone will know we’re working together is if you mentioned it to them or you’ve left a testimonial.

* I may draw inspiration from our conversations for LinkedIn posts or newsletter emails, but will never specifically name you, use details that might connect it to you, or shame you.

How do I pay?

I accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH debit/echeck, and traditional checks. Tax-only clients will pay thru the client portal. One-off Consulting clients will pay via Calendly (processed by Stripe). Recurring Consulting clients will pay via recurring ACH debit.

Michael is wonderful to work with. He very knowledgeable, detailed and thorough. We also greatly appreciate how quickly he responses to questions and concerns, in addition to his patience explaining everything. Would highly recommend!




Rita Leo

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